Raquel at NKU bookstore

Thanks for visiting my website! I’m the trumpet professor at Tennesseee Tech University and live in Cincinnati  Cookeville, TN. This website will feature my current news/blog, videos, recordings, and upcoming events.


raquelrodriquez.com solotromba.com started as a personal blog. It’s still a personal blog, with some focus on my interests. They include (in approximate order of writing frequency) Trumpet, my travels, brass pedagogy, music, sports, and technology/gadgets!

The blog has been active since September 2007. I find writing about what I read, think and do therapeutic. Please disregard my grammar and writing skills, for those that can’t, I apologize Webdesign is one of my favorite hobbies and this site has gone through many designs and will probably go through a few more (currently on v. 5.0 6.0 6.1). Keep checking back as I will update frequently. 🙂