Quick News:

  • (10/18/17) Joining the staff of the Cumberland United Marching Arts Organization as a wind consultant for the 2017-18 season! Check out their website for moreĀ  info: CumberlandUnited
  • (10/07/17) Playing a joint recital with Brad Kerns (Trombone Prof at Univ of KY) at TTU and UK (Nov 8-9, 2017). I will also be a featured soloist with the Southern Stars Symphonic Brass Band on Jules Levy's "Whirlwind Polka" on Nov 19th.
  • (8/24/17) Excited to do an artist residency at the Univ of West Georgia in Feb (2018) and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music in May (2018)! I am also thrilled to return to the Univ of Kentucky to teach at their Summer Trumpet Institute in June (2018)!
  • (8/17/17) Hosting the Trumpet Festival of the Southeast on Jan 19-21, 2018!!! Playing a solo (Arban's "Carnival of Venice") with the Southern Stars Symphonic Brass Band on Sept 10 and Turrin's "Fandango" with the Bryan Symphony Orchestra on Sept 3rd!
  • (6/29/17) Performing in Mexico with Seraph Brass in September!! Also, selected to present at GMEA in January of 2018!
  • (5/20/19) Performing the great duet, "Side Partners" by H.L. Clarke with Brad Kerns (Trombone Prof, Univ of KY) with Fillmore Wind Band at the 2017 Midwest Clinic!
  • (5/19/17) Scheduled a recital at Berry College (GA) on Nov 30th and my faculty recital on Dec 5th!
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